With wowen's feature service, distilled water is available to everyone

It is well known that water is the source of life and that it is necessary to drink enough water every day to stay hydrated. Besides tap water and bottled water, it is possible to drink distilled water. This water is safe but lacks the minerals that humans need. Women's feature service offers you a method to obtain distilled water.

What is distilled water?

Distilled water is water that has been distilled and is therefore theoretically free of certain minerals and organisms that can be found in "natural" water. In addition, it is water that has been heated to a boiling point and then cooled to its liquid form. Click here for more details.

Distilled water is pretty much tasteless because of the minerals and salts that have been removed during the distillation process. In addition, this type of water is used in various medical practices, as well as with cars and other industrial parts.

How to make distilled water at home?

It is possible to obtain distilled water from many methods. Women's feature service offers different methods namely:

  • Glass bowl distilling tap water
    You don't need much to make distilled water and feel free to use any heating element
  • such as a stove, fireplace or grill.
  • Here are the items you will need beforehand:
  • A large aluminum or stainless steel pot
  • A pot lid with a rounded shape.
  • Ice cubes
  • A glass bowl
  • A pair of oven mitts or heating pads to protect your hands later in the process
  • Turning rainwater into drinking water

Another way to make distilled water is to use rainwater, it's easy and also saves you money. Here are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, you will need to collect rainwater. To do this, simply place a large enough container outside your home and wait for it to rain.
  • Wait about 2 days after the rain before collecting your rainwater. This will give the minerals time to dissipate.
  • Put the water in a few clean bottles and store them in the refrigerator.

Please note that rainwater is not always 100% pure, as it may contain contaminants and bacteria. We recommend that you filter or boil your rainwater before drinking it.

What are the side effects of distilled water?

Aside from its flat (and boring) taste, distilled water will not provide you with the minerals you need such as magnesium and calcium. If you drink this type of water often, it may create a slight change in the minerals that were already in your body. But don't worry, if you already have a common diet, you shouldn't miss out on any minerals by drinking purified water. On a final note, it is a good idea to drink bottled water in case you want to keep up with your recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.