WHO investigators in China visit Wuhan lab

In a fact-finding journey to China, WHO officials have visited the Wuhan Institute. The health experts are on a mission to discover the origin of the dreaded coronavirus. 

WHO experts visit Wuhan on a fact-finding mission 

A WHO approved medical team in China has visited the virus lab in Wuhan that is alleged to be the origin of the deadly coronavirus. The team will today meet top Chinese virologists as they continue to ask questions about how the COVID-19 virus came to light. 

The WHO group is led by a virologist expert Professor Peter Ben Embarek who arrived at a secure Wuhan institute of Health on Wednesday evening.

He said '' My team and I are looking forward to an eventful day and getting in touch with essential people, asking the right questions and analysis '' Peter Daszak, a member of the team said. 

The health facility in Wuhan has been at the core of various conspiracy stories that claim that the first virus came from the institute. Many health experts dismiss the suggestion, however, some speculations are that the virus was captured and infected humans who escaped from the facility. 

China accused of not being transparent enough 

Some medical experts have called on China to be more transparent about what really happened and show all details of COVID-19 samples in their labs. Last year, Ex-US President Donald Trump and his supporters had insisted that the Chinese government deliberately used the virus and some kind of weapon. 

The then-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that there was accurate' ' evidence to show that the virus emanated from a Chinese lab, although he didn't show any proof. The Chinese government has been heavily criticized globally for downplaying the first outbreak and hiding genuine Covid-19 information from the world. 

However, China is focused more on how its economy will recover from the pandemic and has insisted it has nothing to hide.

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