Tokyo Olympics boss Yoshiro Mori apologizes over sexist statements

After being heavily criticized for his statement on females, Japan Olympic head has apologized. Mr. Yoshiro said he was sorry but will not step down. 

Japan Olympic chief apologizes over sexism claim 

The chairman of the Tokyo Olympics committed is sorry for making sexist remarks about the female gender after various people called for his resignation Mori, 82, has apologized for the statement but said he won't relinquish his position. Yoshiro was accused of saying that the female gender engages in talking unnecessarily and having meetings with female directors will consume more time. 

His statement was captured at the Wednesday meeting of the Olympics committee in Japan. Presently, the Olympic board has about 5 women out of a total of 24 members. Last year, the board which was constituted to select Japan athletes agreed to increase female committee members to 42%.

'' Any attempt to increase the number of female members on the board should also be followed by time restrictions. This is because they take a lot of time, which annoys me'' He said.' 

' This committee has about 7 women and everyone knows their functions and duties''. 

Mori Yoshiro has always been  lousy 

This is not the first time Mr. Yoshiro is making such unsavory gaffes as he was once a prime minister between 2001-2002. He seems to be very garrulous and very undiplomatic. His recent gaffe has been considered' sad' with many calling for his removal. Mr. Mori has called for calm and said it was a mistake that even females in his family have cautioned him. 

'' Yesterday, I was given an earful by my wife. She said, you have said something bad, and it is going to affect us all. Antagonizing women is not the best way to pass a message ''. 

There are no signs board members will take any action against him.